26405_1239073067170_1539570909_30557654_7864625_n I am Alexandria Brennan and I am a Senior at Salve Regina University. I am currently earning a degree in English Communications and have successfully completed minors in Psychology and Business Administration. I love to cook and hope to one day have my own cafe. I love to travel, fashion, home decorating and diy projects, writing, photography, my kitten Melrose, and fitness.

I currently live in Newport, Rhode Island. My beautiful environment encourages me and gives me the motivation in my everyday life, to implement a better lifestyle; one of which that comes from spending time outside in nature, eating mindfully, and exercising.

I would like my portfolio to serve as a display for the progress I have made as a writer. I hope that my portfolio helps you enter my world and leaves you with a better understanding of who I am as not only a writer but a person. Posted to date are all of the assignments I completed in my classes at Salve Regina University. The assignments range from print news stories, broadcast news stories, public relations work, and magazine feature writing pieces.


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